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Our expertise covers essential aspects of Corrosion Control and Protection.

-Corrosion Monitoring

Through our team of qualified and experience technologists and technicians, we offer our clients safe and professional corrosion monitoring services; including retrieval and installation of corrosion coupons, monitoring and replacement of electrical resistance probes, sand erosion probes and bio-probes.

We take up treatment of coupons, calculation of corrosion rates, analysis of coupon morphology and advise on type of corrosion and required remedial action. Our Principal Engineer advises the team and reviews all reports with recommendations of required actions.

Together with our partners, we can also provide Downhole Corrosion Monitoring using specialized tools and materials.

-Corrosion Inhibition

We offer conventional inhibition as well as Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibition Services. Together with our partners and suppliers, we advise and implement various solutions depending on clients' needs.

-Cathodic Protection

In cooperation with our suppliers and partners we offer inspection/ assessment services as well as design, installation and monitoring services. We also undertake diagnostic, analysis and advise clients on improvement for the protection of assets.

-Coating/ Insulation / Fireproofing

Our certified inspectors survey assets and our engineers advise on corrective action. Our inspectors also inspect any coating application, insulation or Fireproofing installation to ensure the highest level of adherence to company and/or international standards and contractual conditions.

We also advise on the latest technological advances and provide the best specification for multiple services and conditions, taking into account operations constraints, environmental protection and economic considerations.

-Corrosion Studies

Our experienced team is capable of undertaking complex Corrosion studies required at various stages of project and/or operation, covering design and material choice, method statements for installation, QA/QC, inspection, failure analysis and recommendations for better protection



-Safety Inspection

Our qualified and certified team of Safety Officers and Technicians are deployed to carry out all required inspections, working on clients’ installations, including inspections of various Breathing Apparatus equipment/ instruments, Working at Height, Confined Space, Authorized Gas Testing.

-Process Safety

In cooperation with our local and international partners, we offer comprehensive studies of Process Safety, HAZOP, QRA, EERA, ESSA, MHA, Ad-Hoc studies “Rig Move studies, verification”, Development of BOW TIE for offshore facilities, Rig Move and Ship collision studies, Development of Performance standard of Safety critical elements & tasks.



According to clients’ requirements, we can mobilize competent teams to operate plants or section of plants, in compliance with clients’ approved procedures, work methodologies, in full compliance with relevant clients’ QHSE and International Standards.



TAKNIYAT Engineering & Technical Services Human Resources Department is well experienced and has strengthened its capabilities to serve all kinds of manpower requests for both permanent and temporary assignments for its existing and new clients along with managing its own in-house resourcing & HR activities.

We have been supplying major operating companies in Qatar with competent technical manpower since 2008, including various types of plant operators, laboratory technicians, welders, safety officers, project engineers, maintenance, site supervisors, amongst others.